Old School Runescape Deadman Competition


RuneScape is an online PC videogame (an MMORPG) published by Jagex and built in Java. This game counts on more than 10 million open accounts.

This website was open exclusively during the time of the competition so it is not active at the moment. This website was based on a previous job, the Old School Runescape All Starts competition website, whose demo can be visited here


With the occasion of the contest Old School Runescape Deadman, which consists in a kind of "hunger games" competition, we were asked to create a microsite able to show the highlights of the event, attract people to participate, and display in real-time information about the competition

Technical analysis

Since we had already developed the platform for the previous competition, the Old School Runescape All-Stars, we had already the core of our new project. The graphic design was basically the same, and there were some changes in the section Standings since in this case, it was not a knockout competition, but an "everybody against everybody".