Old School Runescape All Starts competition website

Video game competition microsite


RuneScape is an online PC videogame (an MMORPG) published by Jagex and built in Java. This game counts on more than 10 million open accounts.

This website was open exclusively during the time of the All-Stars competition so it is not active at the moment. The website can be visited through our online demo.


With the occasion of the contest Old School Runescape All-Stars competition, we were asked to create a microsite able to show the highlights of the event, attract people to participate, and display information about the classification, scores, and the actual games in real-time, by using a connection to the platform Twitch.

Technical Analysis

This website needed to be updated in real-time directly by the client, so we developed it in WordPress with special attention to an easy and intuitive backend to update the information about the players, pages, and classification.

We did a fine job following the UX and designs provided by the client, ensuring a perfect mobile experience, and debugging the front end with advanced animations to get in line with the conception of the project.