Montefeltro Art Views

React Webapp about the hidden landscapes of Leonardo da Vinci and Piero della Francesca

Recently, a couple of Italian researches have discovered the real landscapes where the Gioconda and the paintings of Piero della Francesca were taken. These places are in the north of Italy, and the Italian authorities have created a balcony on the exact spot were these paintings were supposedly created.

Under the European financial of Interreg ENI-CBC Italy Croatia Programme called Recolor, we have developed a web app that contains an interactive interface to know everything about these paintings and the place where they have been made, in addition to interactive features to explore the landscape, compare them with the painting, and follow up all the explanations about every single detail on them.

Technical analysis

With headless WordPress CMS installation, the frontend of this webapp was developed in React, using several libraries like React Router, Helmet and some others.

We developed the Progressive Web Application using the Google’s toolset Workbox.

In the end, we had a fast, reliable, editable, beautiful and versatile web and installable app in less than 4 months.