The portal portal is a comprehensive web which works as a hub for all the Interreg programmes.

It’s based in a main interactive tool, the map, which allows the user to easily identify in what thematic and geographical areas he can find a European funding for his projects.

Technical analysis

As usual, we chose our favourite framework, WordPress. In this case, the project entailed serveral challenges. In one side, the map development, which has many specific requirements, and on the other, the rest of the website, which is made on a sort of interrelationships between programmes, countries, calls for projects, and news.

The interactive map

We developed our own plugin for the map, based on svg images, instead of working with an third party api. The complexity of the map was the fact of dealing with more than 1000 custom regions (they don’t correspond, in many cases, to the adminisitrative regions of the countries) and almost 100 programmes. This map application is entirely made in JS, using jQuery as main framework.

The rest of the site

We customized completely the website interconnect such entities like countries, programmes, users, jobs, calls for projects and news. In other sections, such as the social media wall we opted by using a very modern plugin called Flow Flow.


we have pretty much customized the backend to fulfill the client’s requirements, and allow them to manage the contents with specific privileges for every single user.