Homefront: The Revolution


Homefront is a famous shooter videogame for Playstation, Xbox, and other platforms. We developed this short project (something more than a week) for this Soho-based company called Fire Without Smoke, entitled to develop several tasks over this game, such as testing, the trailer, and this micro-website.

The website was published when the videogame was released, in 2018. Now you can visit a demo with dummy information in our hosting.


The website is a single-page microsite. The script of the videogame is based on a fiction situation in which North Korea wins the cold war and becomes the first world power, while the United States is invaded by the Korean army and resists with the formation of the Resistance, some organized guerrillas who fight the occupiers.

This website is meant to explain this fictional history through some small cards based on a short text, an image, video, or sound. Every card represents an important event in history.

Technical Analysis

The backend is a customized WordPress installation, relatively simple, that allowed the client to edit every card on the game. The frontend was a little bit more demanding, as the carousel had to follow very specific guidelines, especially for mobile.