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The team behind Jamie Oliver’s brand is huge, and so it is the people working on his website. Project managers,  team leaders, developers, designers, social media experts… In 2013 Jamie’s website was relaunched with a brand new style, including new sections a features for the user experience. The job of Cobianzo Co. was focused on the areas of the website where WordPress was required. This involves mainly the News and Restaurants sections, among some other parts of the site.

Technical Analysis

The task to show and sort the news is a pretty straight forward built in feature in WordPress. Some particularities were token into consideration to respect the previous set up of the website, and a delicate job to export all the news from the old CMS was carried on. To complete the job, a special app to create quick news from the phone was adopted by the journalist team, in order to keep the site up to date and dynamic at all time.