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A platform to support a medicine based on THC

Branding, Print, Web
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Deltabinol is a farmac based on the active principle of the marihuana plant,  THC. It is the result of an investigation carried out by the same founders of the website. This research was about senil dementia Alzheimer and its treatment based on an oil with the active principles THC and CBD.

This product, already commercialize in some other countries, is something new in Mexico, where this project is based. The prejudice in this country about this plant makes it difficult to open a way for this farmac to help patiences and families of patiences who suffer this disease.

That’s why we have been hired, to establish a platform with reliable data and rigorous information about this medication.

Technical Analysis

We based the website on a WordPress theme called bee, and twaked it as we pleased. We chose purple as the brand colour, and worked out on the logo and the corporative identity.

We designed the box in coopoeration with Behance, a local design company who helped out on the printing.

The medical side of this big project is working on establishing a platform that can supply this medication under justified demand, so our job in promoting the site is still on standby. However, the tasks for SEO are always carried out.

We created the facebook page and work continoursly on the content management,